Welcome to Freedomify!Freedomify The Community of Freedom Builders

We are a social marketplace platform for those who love their privacy and their 2nd Amendment rights, and a freedom marketplace that helps connect freedom lover to freedom builders!

Our platform guarantees to:

  • take your privacy and security very seriously
  • never sell you data to 3rd parties
  • fight for our freedoms especially our freedom of speech and right to bear arms

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter steal your data, sell it to 3rd parties, and probably the worse offense is that they track your every click to create a profile of who you are! Scary?

Shopify and Amazon hate gun companies!

So we are here to be the change that we want to see in this world!

We are humbled that you are here in our Freedomify community. We strive to connect like-minded, freedom-loving individuals and freedom companies to build a stronger support for our 1st and 2nd Amendment communities.

As a member of our community please openly shared your experiences with other members. Build each other up! We strong believe the enemy is not within our community so we ask that you treat every other member with respect. By all means feel free to disagree, but do so kindly.

If you have thoughts on how to make our communities better, we (the Freedomify Team), would love to hear from you!