Training is just as important for MIL and LE as it is for Civilians. If you choose to conceal carry you are choosing to be a #sheepdog! Awesome! Don’t forget we are all only as good as the time we put into training and practicing. #trainasifyourlifedependsonit 🇺🇲☠️ #Repost @warhoggtactical ・・・ Super excited to be doing a 2 day concealed carry course in #ArcadiaCA next weekend 23-24 March. I will be using a @archonfirearms Type B pistol and @standard IWB holster. My students will definitely have a chance to use the Type B and holster during the course. Go to to register for the concealed carry course. • I will also be doing a clothing considerations for concealed carry at the 5.11 Tactical store in Riverside, CA Friday night March 22. Go to 5.11 Facebook page to register for the store class and for the 2 day concealed carry course. 🇺🇲☠️ #FreedomMarketplace

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