Shopify Hates Freedom
“Lit signage” by Shopify, Shopify is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / A derivative from the original work

Shopify has long been my recommendation to gun businesses. Now Shopify is waging war on gun companies!

We know what Cody Wilson and his project is doing has provoked a lot of attention and even resulted in his annual Shopify contract being terminated without cause with only 5 days notice. Now Shopify has struck again… this time to one of the common names in the industry… Spike’s Tactical (read: Online gun sales to cease after Shopify changes policy, refuses to answer retailer questions).

This is exactly why we are building out this social marketplace platform called, Freedomify. We are a gun company! We are currently on Shopify. I’m sure our time is limited before we get issued a noticed and kicked off. So starting today we are migrating from Shopify to be our own first customers on Freedomify. We are working on processes and tooling to offer our future eCommerce partners a turnkey solution to complete the migration simple and hands-off.

Reach out to us!

If you are a current gun business running on Shopify please reach out to us and let us know your concerns and your eCommerce requirements. We will try to include them in our platform as we grow.


Published by Freedomify Admin

I'm the founder of Freedomify. I believe we are stronger as a community together instead of fighting each other! The enemy is isn't within our community. They're external and want to see the demise of our freedoms and liberties.