Shopify Hates Freedom
“Lit signage” by Shopify, Shopify is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / A derivative from the original work

Screw Shopify! The fascist company from Canada is now waging war with freedom companies such as Defense Distributed (, Spike’s Tactical and Rare Breed Firearms, etc.

We are in our infancy, but we are building out a social marketplace for those in the United States who love freedom and our Second Amendment Rights! We are a gun accessories company just like you all, but we have a deep background in cloud servers.

While we’ve always really loved using Shopify because of its flexibility and reliability we can’t have our online store shutdown by them. We are currently migrating all of our products over to this platform and will be leaving Shopify before they kick us off their platform as well. 

Then we will be looking for a handful of other companies to give Freedomify a try. Please contact us if you are a Shopify account and have concerns about your future.