Facebook is pure evil!

You remember that saying that nothing in life is free? Well its true especially with Facebook. All of those pics of your favorite firearms you’ve uploaded, every single gun post you’ve “liked”, and secret firearms groups you’ve join…. they know it all about them and you!

facebook evil
Lenore Edman (CC BY 2.0)

Facebook create behavioral profiles of who you are. They sell and expose your data to 3rd parties without your knowledge. Selling your data is how these bastards make money! Get this Facebook even tracks you when you are not on their site. The cost of your data certainly is not free. Its cost you your privacy.

How Freedomify is different?

First off, we are shooters, freedom builders and lovers of our own privacy. So we take your privacy very seriously!

  • First, we promise to never sell your data to any 3rd party.
  • Second, we do collect only the basic analytics of how our site is used, but we do *NOT* do the deep tracking that Facebook does. We use this information to track which parts of the community that are healthy.
  • Lastly, we do make money, but only from advertising, but we do *NOT* expose your personal data to sell ads. That simply is not right.

Join our community of freedom builders!

We want to make sure our community is built to last so we are building it on the principles that have made this country great! “We the people” now need a social media platform for ourselves. Somewhere we can teach and learn. Somewhere we can post problems and crazy idea. Somewhere we can build and strengthen our community. So we urge you to try out of platform. Start contributing your thoughts and knowledge, and most importantly bring your friends.

Published by Freedomify Admin

I'm the founder of Freedomify. I believe we are stronger as a community together instead of fighting each other! The enemy is isn't within our community. They're external and want to see the demise of our freedoms and liberties.